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The story of Matchy Matcha

I’m Richard, founder of Matchy Matcha. Like you, I’m a driven creative who prioritizes healthy, high-quality fuel for an active life.

In 2022, while traveling through East Asia, I discovered matcha and its incredible energy-boosting properties. Beyond the immediate energy lift, I learned about matcha’s wealth of health benefits, packed with antioxidants to keep me feeling my best.

However, finding truly premium matcha was surprisingly difficult. That’s when the idea for Matchy Matcha sparked – to bring authentic, high-grade matcha directly to you.

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Our Matcha

We understand that discerning palates deserve the best. That’s why we meticulously source our matcha directly from our trusted partner in Kyoto, Japan – the heart of matcha cultivation.

Our matcha is:
Premium Grade
Rich in Antioxidants

This commitment to purity and quality ensures you experience matcha in its purest, most beneficial form.